What we do

We work on pushing the boundaries of web, mobile, video, and hardware solutions, with companies both large and small, while delivering cost-efficient solutions.
Our team helps navigate the complex challenge of creating an innovative product that is equally intuitive, attractive, and technically sound.


  • Hardware prototyping AppWash
  • Ionic App Development AppWash
  • iOT integration Gifie
  • Augmented and virtual reality frameworks RemRey
  • Custom hardware builds Gifie
  • Drone Technology ScareDrone / AgriDrone
  • App design & development
  • Digital product creation & conceptualization
  • User Interface (UI) & User experience (UX) design Phlow / Telebond
  • Tech specification, architecture & software design
  • Web & mobile application development
  • Interactive video development Aon / UK Department for Education
  • HTML5 video streaming applications Vidzor / Telebond
  • High-scale music streaming applications
  • Intelligent image applications Phlow
  • E-commerce / M-commerce LeFood
  • Complex business logic implementation Ovivo / Flikli
  • Big-data API integrations Vestas / Ekstrabladet
  • Internet connected hardware devices Gifie / AppWash / IoT
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We present you highly talented engineers, who bring expertise and care to craft bespoke products with the highest level of quality and innovation.

Our seasoned team of diverse profiles and skill sets individually shape your product based on the languages, frameworks and technologies on the left.

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  • Technologies/frameworks (29)