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Senior Frontend Developer ( Remote Position )

Apr 222020

Pulilab is a digital product design and software development company based in Budapest.

We have recently transitioned to remote agency. Although it was planned, it is accelerated by the current global situation, and now we are looking for an experienced and talented developer to join our frontend team. Our core web-stack consists of (but is not limited to): VueJS, Django, Quasar, ReactJS, AngularJS, Python, Cordova, Docker.

In Pulilab we mainly serve as agency for clients such as W.H.O and Unicef, where we are involved with their innovation department on prototyping informatics based websites, internal administration tools and platforms with global footprint ( is developed and maintained by Pulilab )

We also dedicate a portion of our resources and time to build our own products. We have a wide portfolio of business-cases. Currently we are focusing on launching a product to meet demand for COVID-19 testing.

The common denominator in all of projects in Pulilab is the high complexity. Our approach is to only take on external projects, if they have an interesting angle.


You must be interested in the whole web-stack. Skills you should need to have:

  • You are a senior frontend developer having a solid relationship with JavaScript.
  • You can produce clean, modular, testable and robust Javascript.
  • You have experience with VueJS ( and probably Angular and/or ReactJS).
  • You have CSS3 knowledge and the ability to sitebuild.
  • You have experience with cross browser supported site building and can keep up with the capabilities and the limitations of most browsers.
  • You have your own opinions about what is good quality and you always strive for that, but because you are agile you can accept to create some technical debts to solve a critical issue if it is required to meet short-term business goals.
  • You are able to communicate your ideas clearly in English.
  • You are responsible for your own time, and expected to manage workplace and worktime by yourself without compromising company workflow.

It would be an advantage for you to have one or more of the following ( please make sure to note in your application):

  • Cordova / Phonegap
  • WebSockets and/or Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Sitebuilding
  • System administration background
  • Scrum certificates
  • Machine learning
  • Interesting projects - When you’re not researching Virtual Reality technologies or figuring out how to stabilize the 4G connection to a delivery drone, you will probably be working on projects that are saving children through the work we do for Unicef, W.H.O and :) All the projects have a web-component to it and most have have a secondary piece, such as a hardware integration, or research element. No two projects are alike.
  • Cutting edge technologies. We use modern frameworks, conform to new standards and build all our products using new technologies whenever it makes sense. We have ongoing projects where we apply VUE.js, quasar, Angular, Polymer, React and Nuxt
  • Freedom. You have your right to choose place and time of your work.
  • On Location Company parties. Being remote it's important to gather and socialise periodically on a location. Due to the current circumstances (Coronavirus ) all physical activities are postponed, but when we meet we will probably do some kind of combination of: Steak Nights, Delivery doughnuts, Drone Flying, Gym sessions, ping-pong, karaoke, birthday celebration, board game night, escape rooms... ).
  • Travel opportunities. You should expect to travel for work-duty 5-10 days / quarter, both to gather for onsite team activities, but also as part of working with W.H.O. Sometimes you will be required at workshops in exotic places like Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Amsterdam and New York.
  • Startup culture that makes sense in a flat organization. We have a light atmosphere and no stupid rules.
  • Class A team to work with, we’re all are smart, spirited and creative people.
  • International & young team. Average age is 30 and currently 5 nationalities.

All application material (CV with NET salary expectation) must be submitted in English to

Insufficient applications will not be considered.

Full-Time Position

40 hrs/week Working hours

Fully Remote Location

Sep 1, 2021 Starting date Contact info