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Assisting Flikli Animation Studio

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Django meetup

Proudly sponsoring Budapest's first Django Meetup group.

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Pulilab & Django Girls

We joined this amazing initiation to inspire women to fall in love with programming.

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Visiting the city of the Sunshine

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Christian Buus Nielsen

— Creative & Managing Director —

Serving as Pulilab's chief strategist and negotiator is the straight-shooting Mr.C. His passion for innovation and technology keeps Pulilab always working on projects that can help people and businesses work and play better. He spends most of his day busier than a caffeinated bee, taking long swims in his inbox.

Torben Thomsen

— CTO & Co-Founder —

Mr. T is the technical chief who understands needs, transforms situations to find positive, valuable outcomes, making sure the wheels are turning and the code is churning and then makes a mean cocktail to wash it all down with pleasure. He pities the fool that be satisfied with routine and will probably play you a song about it on his guitar.

Anna Forgach

— Chief Operating Officer @ Vidzor —

Anna is our black cat marketing and communications manager at Vidzor. She mixes understated style with a ready smile and constant optimism. Aside from her creative marketing skills she is a world traveller and can follow conversation in five different languages. And we are in love with her cakes and muffins!

Szilvia Szentpéteri

— Head of Operation & Recruitment —

Szilvi is the backbone of Pulilab. Her middle name is chaos management and multitasking. Thanks to her efforts our operational, recruitment and HR processes are in good hands. Szilvi can solve problems with a huge smile on her face. As the other part of the Event Group she ensures Pulilab’s people are having enough fun and tasty cakes. In her spare time she loves taking photos of birds, creating handmade decoration and tasting good wine.

Katalin Rába

— Office Assistant —

Kat ensures structure and administrative excellence at Pulilab thanks to her extremely flexible, adaptive, hardworking and smiley attitude beside her Personal Assistant qualification and related experiences. Kat can handle and oversee office operation, invoices, administration smoothly. As part of the Event Group she also takes care of office events with Szilvi. If you need a professional make-up artist, don’t hesitate to contact her.

Adrienn Major-Zéman

— Financial Consultant —

Adri is dealing with mountains of invoices beside payroll and budget which ensures that our financial things are going punctually. Beside making miracles with numbers and calculations Adri is taking care of two little and one bigger devil at home: Máté, Gordon and Gergő, our lead Java developer. :)

Gergely Major

— Lead Java Developer —

Coming from a background in developing highly complex and critical bank software, Mr.G understands the meaning of precision and quality, and delivers nothing less. Gergő is experienced in dealing with big data, using hadoop and nosql solutions. ..If this mouthful doesn’t convince you that he is a genius, this straight A student achieved a gold medal in the B League curling championship.

Szilvia Simonffy

— Senior Java Developer —

Not only is Szilvi an absolute juggler with Java, she is also a record breaker - the first female coder at Pulilab! Her enthusiasm is contagious and with all of her work she is incredibly precise and a persistent maximalist. Before joining the team, she worked with telecommunication technology. She adores her horse, called Star.

Balázs Mester

— Senior Java Developer —

Balázs is a TDD and BDD evangelist, Java and script language ninja, and he is really keen on clean coding. Coming from multinational IT and telecommunication fields BM really knows what complexity and agile development means. In his free time Balázs loves playing on his guitar and giving concerts with his band. Thanks to Balázs’s master chef father-in-law we can have amazing gastronomic experiences and team buildings at Tata.

Zsolt Nagy

— Senior Java Developer —

Zsolt enjoys the fresh air of our start-up environment since he used to work on big systems and projects of different multinational banking and telecommunication companies. He is a real agile and TDD warrior motivated by technologies and challenging tasks. Zsolt loves to chill out with his family in his spare time.

Zoltán Ilcsik

— Senior Python Developer —

Zoli rocks the back-end as a Python expert with a very wide range of knowledge from software engineering through project management among others. He is a real agile and lean warrior with huge passion for start-ups and problem-solving. He brings a bunch of positive energy with his quirky humour into our daily routines. He grabs all opportunities to travel and taste excellent dishes.

Tamás Érdfalvi

— Senior iOs Developer —

Tamás, who's so good at understanding the client’s need and transforming it into easy-to- understand speak. Facilitated by his desire to watch Chelsea with friends, listen to good rock music and enjoy decent food makes him a pretty easy guy to talk to. With this experience and skill, he is now positioned as a real senior iOS specialist dedicated in directing the entire iOs team working together with remote management to launch several streaming apps.

Dániel Salamon

— Front-end Developer —

Although Dani is a shamelessly young fellow, he is an eager and experienced front-end developer graduated from a Danish university where he gained a really valuable know-how and practice. Dani is really passionate about everything related to the web technologies, especially when problem solving is needed on a high level. If he is not spinning around with his roller he likes taking photos and traveling.

László Nagy

— Android Developer —

Laci is the other half of the appreciated Android twin team. Having worked on Időkép, and currently continues to work in android development. As a result of his daredevilish extracurricular hobbies, he provides the push and risk taking to Szabolcs's voice of reason.

Szabolcs Nagy

— Android Developer —

Szabi quickly connected to the Android game at Pulilab. With a Budapest University of Technology and Economics graduation with a Masters in Media Informatics Szabi’s deliberate and focused, rereading and rethinking everything at least twice. When he's not out on the ski slopes, he's developing a smart TV application and radio application for the Scandinavian market.

István Győri

— Senior System Administrator —

István works with virtual and physical Linux and Windows servers to manage large data sets and databases as a Sysadmin. With a BSc in Computer Engineering, he is knowledgeable in PostgreSQL server database administration, having previously dabbled in a project together with University of Pittsburgh. Now he manages approx 50 high performance servers and brings constant inspiration to the team.

Richárd Módis

— Junior System Administrator —

Ricsi started his career as an eager and successful bug hunter at Vidzor. Currently he is monitoring the reckless servers and managing databases beside István. Together they ensure the flawless operation and processes of our valuable projects. As a passionate blood donor and GIF magician he also takes care of human matters. Chocolate cake or quality Belgian beer can make instant positive impression on him anytime.

György Fekete

— Web-app Developer @ Vidzor —

Gyuri primarily works with Django-based back-end and JavaScript front-end development and is a real creative and forward-thinking individual through all aspects of his work. Even in his downtime, Mr.F can often be found on his computer collecting electronic music, or just acting in his ping-pong ninja role.

Zoltán Parti

— Lead Designer —

Mr. Z is a Pulilab member from the very old times creating the iconic Pulilab logo which became our popular brand mark. Zoli is an experienced designer with an amazing approach for unique UX/UI and outstanding solutions for almost any upcoming business need. If Zoli is not preparing delicious paleo meals, he likes running, orienteering, visiting the opera, developing his snowboard skills and traveling in his free time.

Zoltán André

— Django Developer —

Zoli became our team member and took over a valuable role amazingly fast, so now he manages Flikli product platform bravely. Having a large scale of experience from full-stack development to QA engineering he can ensure things going smoothly without bugs hiding between code lines. Out of the IT zone he is keen on still-life and astrophotography and hiking.

Dániel Rosner

— Marketing Researcher —

Dani joined Vidzor as a marketing and communication intern, and he did a valuable job with his researcher, analytic and social media activities. Having psychology, business administration and management bachelor degrees with an ongoing master his diverse and proper know-how ensures the high quality of his work. Currently as a researcher he provides business and user analysis for a new start-up project.

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our base

Budapest, Hungary
Széchenyi utca 3.
Phone: +36 20 371 50 15
Pulilab Life Pulilab Life Pulilab Life Pulilab Life Pulilab Life

hey, we're hiring!

As a matter of fact, our doors are always open. If you like creating *stuff and have got the skills and the mindset to make the lab a more vibrant place, drop us a line at work@pulilab.com. We’re waiting to see what you can do!

* (stuff = everything from graphics to code to business plans to advertising and website copy...)

  • Front-end Developer

    Open or Close
    Position: Full-time
    Working hours: 40 hours /week
    Location: Budapest downtown, but with flexibility to work from home
    Salary: Negotiable, based on experience
    Contact info: work@pulilab.com

    Vidzor is looking for a Front-end Developer who can help realizing our vision of revolutionizing online video.

    Vidzor is a VC-backed, Budapest-based, online platform that enables our users to create and publish engaging interactive videos.

    Our core web-stack consists of (but is not limited to): Django, JavaScript, Angular.js, CSS3, HTML5, Node.js and MongoDB.

    We use Atlassian infrastructure for issue-tracking and sprint management. Everything is deployed to web services in the cloud and build to scale.

    The team is currently 8 people from 6 different nationalities. We are software developers, video creators and marketers.

    About your tasks:

    You will take part in the core-team's activity, and will be given responsibilities for the quality, sturdiness and architecture of the front-end aspects of our online player and editor.

    About you:

    • You are a programmer by heart, and you have a reliable knowledge of JavaScript coding.
    • You can provide clean, modular, testable and robust code.
    • If you are not already in love with HTML5 and the <video> tag, you have to find that romance.
    • Knowledge of JQuery, AngularJS, CSS3 and site-building is an advantage.
    • You have experience with cross-browser supported site-building, and can keep up with the capabilities and the limitations of most browsers.
    • You have an overall know-how about full-stack web development.
    • You have to be opinionated about what is good quality, and always strive for that, but everything is agile, so you also have to be eager to create some technical debts so solve a critical issue if it is required to meet business goals.
    • You must be able to communicate your ideas clearly in English.
    • You are responsible for your time which you can manage on your own.
    • You don't need to be a senior guy, but you have to bring an eager, motivated and hungry 'can do' attitude.

    We provide:

    • Cutting edge technologies - we use modern frameworks, conform to new standards and build all our stuff using new technologies whenever it makes sense
    • Freedom - You have your right to choose place and time of your work
    • Company parties and free beer - we are keen on having fun together (ping-pong, karaoke, birthdays, PuliFridays, Christmas, Halloween...)
    • Startup culture that makes sense in a flat organization - we have a light atmosphere and no stupid rules with never ending coffee in the office
    • Smart, spirited and creative people
    • International, young team - average age is 28, and we are currently ~10 nationalities in the office

    How to apply:

    All application material (CV + letter of motivation) must be submitted in English to work@pulilab.com.

    All applications will be answered.


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    Thank you!

    We will respond to you in 3 days.

  • Marketing Internship for the Creative Minded

    Open or Close
    Position: internship
    Working hours: 40 hours/week
    Location: Budapest office
    Contact info: info@vidzor.com

    Vidzor Overview

    If you are passionate about changing the way people can improve video experience through interactivity, we would love to get to know you!

    We are offering talented and creative minded university students the opportunity to work together with us at the Vidzor office located in Budapest, Hungary on our mission to revolutionize the online video experience!

    Vidzor is an online interactive video platform that allows anyone to create and publish videos on the web. The Vidzor team has designed a unique video editing solution for both artists and their audience that accelerates and maximizes the power of online videos at an unprecedented level, with drag-and-drop feature templates that allow editors to effortlessly assemble audience engaging video creations. 

    Your role & responsibilities

    • Assist in marketing and promotional activities
    • Identify new trends and potential target markets to reach out to
    • Establish brand evangelists through social media, PR, Blogging, customer relationship management
    • Support the sales & development team

    Do you have what it takes?

    • Specializing in Marketing, PR or Communication preferably with interest in the creative industry
    • Able to evangelize Vidzor to our key markets
    • Experience with internet marketing & social media
    • Superb English written communication skills--tech and marketing
    • Great storyteller, enthusiastic, quick on your feet
    • Commitment of one (1) semester

    What we offer

    • A great working environment located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary
    • Love of big ideas
    • Wicked smart employees who want to change the world
    • Disruptive innovation that is changing the way people can now interact with videos
    • Creative, fast-paced, flexible, quirky, fun, and challenging environment
    • Distaste for hierarchy and bureaucracy
    • Training and hands-on experience in the fast-paced startup world

    If you're interested in this opportunity, please send your CV in English and an overview of yourself; share your interests, projects and achievements you are proud to share with us! 

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    Thank you!

    We will respond to you in 3 days.

  • Front-end Developer with UX/UI expertise

    Open or Close
    Position: Full-time
    Working hours: 40 hours /week
    Location: Germany
    Salary: Negotiable, based on experience
    Contact info: work@pulilab.com

    Pulilab is a start-up company with HQ in the center of Budapest.

    One of our partners is expanding its development team in Germany with an experienced, hungry and eager Front-end Developer with proper UX/UI know-how to build, structure, grow and scale. 

    Our partner has a through and through user focused vision, and wants to provide its users with a novel internet experience. It's the most rewarding platform for everyday internet-based activities, including streaming, shopping, socializing, and information browsing. It's one part premium content provider, two parts fun and engaging, and three parts synergistic, rewarding and sociable.

    Your tasks will be:

    • Contribute to the conception of new functions and help with product definition
    • Participate in architecture decisions, complex development tasks and challenging projects
    • Work and extend our advanced web app with innovative features
    • Work with modern HTML5/CSS3 techniques
    • Write clean, modular, testable, and robust code
    • Have the opportunity to shape our product from scratch

    Experience and skills you should bring to us:

    • B.Sc in IT, Computer Science or related fields
    • You have great aesthetic taste and style, and a passion for visual culture
    • You know how to make things that people like to look at and want to interact with
    • You are armed with fantastic UX skills and can express them in appropriate wireframing tools
    • You know the newest web design approaches such as responsive design, and have a long track record designing and building websites
    • You completely control HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
    • You are an expert in one or more modern web development frameworks such as react.js, backbone.js, angular.js or ember.js, etc.
    • Experience with node.js is a plus
    • Fluency in English

    What we can offer:

    • You help to shape our product and contribute to the growth of of the company.
    • Working with other professionals initiated by an experienced team and backed by a renowned advisory team
    • Cutting edge technologies - we use modern frameworks, both front- and back-end. We conform to new standards, and build all our stuff using new technologies whenever it makes sense.
    • Possibility of equity!
    • Working in a cool office in Germany

    About application:

    All application material (CV with photo and NET salary expectation) must be submitted in English. All applications will be answered. Insufficient applications will not be considered.

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    Thank you!

    We will respond to you in 3 days.

  • Front-end Developer for Bootstrapping Start-up

    Open or Close
    Position: Full-time
    Working hours: 40 hours /week
    Location: Budapest downtown, but with flexibility to work from home
    Salary: Negotiable, based on experience
    Contact info: work@pulilab.com

    Pulilab is a start-up company with HQ in the center of Budapest.

    Our partner is a London based bootstrapping start-up, working on a photo application that will challenge the photo sharing apps currently on the market. Thinking differently from the usual names, they want to offer a different approach to users, and to do this, they need a Front-end Developer to join and help shaping the app and growing the project.

    About you:

    • You want to change things, you are not afraid of taking risks and playing with cutting edge technologies to make the web a more enjoyable place.
    • You breathe photographs, eat jpgs and the only sprite you know is not something you drink.
    • You live to create the next best user experience.
    • You are an exceptional, result driven person who is not afraid of saying “I made a mistake” and does not shield behind excuses.
    • Experience is important, but attitude is key.
    • You are a doer, for you “impossible is nothing” and you are a quick learner.
    • Having at least a couple of years experience will open the doors to your CV.
    • Last, but not least, you think code is poetry, and shortcuts are for those who do not understand that poetry.

    Your tasks would be:

    Our project is form and substance. We are working hard to provide the system a reliable substance, and our designer is dreaming the next version UI. You will have to bring the two worlds together, realising in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript what we see. You will have to play on both the desktop and the mobile world.

    You will work on a set of clearly written specifications, and the time spent on documentation will be minimal.

    We are a diverse team, spread around the world, working in a very agile way. Every morning we wake up and set the tasks that will allow us to make meaning.

    If you prefer the simple, straight to the point task list, here you go:

    • Check tasks and read a simple documentation
    • Transform a design vision into a sexy layout
    • Communicate in simple, bitesize messages
    • Online and face to face meeting when needed

    Management Chain:

    You will report directly to the company CTO, and work in direct contact with the company designer and the senior developer of the team. The managerial style is very relaxed and target driven: we want to see good quality software, and we are not interested in micromanaging how you do things.

    The CTO has almost two decades of experience in development and has a passion for photography and how images can drive changes and tell stories.

    Skills you should bring to us:

    • Advanced in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
    • ReactJS or AngularJS know-how is a plus
    • Experience with PHP5, and Laravel is an advantage
    • Knowledge of responsive design, beyond the framework understanding
    • GIT
    • Knowledge of agile, especially scrum
    • Work experience with TDD is a plus
    • Asana GTD environment experience is a plus
    • Preferably having ninja organisational skills

    PS: if any any of the acronyms in this job description are obscure to you, or if you did not get few of the jokes (or even if you did not find them funny) maybe this job is not going to suit your style.

    How to apply: 

    Please send your application material (CV with a photo + net salary expectation) in English to work@pulilab.com.


    Apply for this job


    Thank you!

    We will respond to you in 3 days.

  • Illustration Internships for the Creative-Minded at Flikli

    Open or Close
    Position: Internship
    Working hours: 32 hours / week for 4 months
    Location: Budapest, downtown
    Salary: Unpaid internship, public transport pass included
    Contact info: jobs@flikli.com

    Flikli Overview

    If you are passionate about illustration, we would love to get to know you!

    We are offering talented and creative-minded university students the opportunity to work together with us at Flikli, located in Budapest, Hungary.

    Flikli is a close-knit group of talented animators and illustrators, scriptwriters and producers and we love doing what we do. We’re a video content production studio and we create high quality animated videos and infographics.

    As an intern you will be in the thick of it producing content for real projects.  The Flikli team is based on a strong work ethic and we take pride in meeting our personal and project goals and deadlines.  There is plenty of opportunity to learn from experienced team members as well as contribute your originality and energy to projects from the brainstorm phase all the way to delivery. The environment here is electric, and ideas are always flowing.

    Our team works together to produce a high number of videos each month, serving a worldwide market. We have clients all around the globe: from New York to Singapore, from Finland to South Africa -- Flikli is there.

    Do you have what it takes?

    We’re offering 4 month internships for illustrators and animators

    Role & responsibilities:

    • Assist the illustration team with storyboard layouts

    • Assist production team on layout illustrations for the animated videos.  This includes ad hoc corrections, as well as new layouts.

    • Assist production team on infographics.

    • Perform separation of illustrated files, preparation for animation

    • Attend brainstorming sessions for new projects

    • Learn the Flikli production system

    • Perform other tasks as appointed by supervisor

    What we offer:

    • A great working environment located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary

    • An awesome team of talented people to work with

    • Creative, fast-paced, flexible, fun, and challenging environment

    • Training and hands-on experience on projects coming from all corners of the globe

    • A computer workstation - leave yours at home!

    • Company parties and free beer - we are keen on having fun together (ping-pong, karaoke, birthdays, PuliFridays, Christmas, Halloween...)

    • Startup culture that makes sense in a flat organization - we have a light atmosphere and no stupid rules with never ending coffee in the office

    • Possibility for future full-time employment

    If you're interested in this opportunity, please send your CV in English and an overview of yourself; share your interests, projects and achievements you are proud to share with us!

    Contact: jobs@flikli.com (indicate internship in subject)

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    Thank you!

    We will respond to you in 3 days.



June 1, 2015


The Pulilab team fosters the development of this online platform and its' custom html5 web applications to allow anyone to create interactive and engaging videos. There are no limits to creativity and our team is working around the clock to allow you to finally step out of the boundaries of video.

Sign up and create an interactive video today at Vidzor.com



June 1, 2015
Flikli Ltd.

Pulilab knows that the web is full of great concepts that need explaining and the guys at Flikli spend their days dreaming up and creating videos that present those ideas to people in fun and simple ways. Pulilab is happy to provide the technical support that the studio needs to do what they do well. Besides being talented craftsmen, they're really cool guys who've shared some good out-of-office times with our team as well.


Django meetup

We quickly realized that there are tons of talented developers in Budapest interested in Django and developing programs within this hot framework. That’s why Pulilab hosts a series of meetups dedicated to sharing ideas about the world of Django development. It’s a great way to hang out with like-minded programmers and share experiences, stories, and ambitions in a fun environment. We're always happy to meet new people! If you're interested in joining us at our next meetup, please click the link above.


Pulilab & Django Girls

May 16, 2015
Django is cool, Girls are cool!

Django Girls  is a non-profit organization that empowers and helps women by organizing free, one-day programming workshops with providing tools, resources and support.

Pulilab not just supported the 'Django Girls Budapest Workshop 2015', but was proudly represented by a brave amazon, Szilvi and an eager Django warrior, Zoli, who put all his efforts to this workshop as a coach. Szilvi finally found the romance with Django thanks to this event, and she keeps learning Python and Django. 

Our aim is to have more girl power at Pulilab in the future and strengthen the Django community.

Pics: Melinda Fischer 



Oct. 16, 2012
Pulilab visit Szeged 16-17. October

Some from the Puli-staff spent 2 days downtown Szeged, from 16th of October, where we met a lot of IT-talent. We are always looking to expand our network, and there are always open positions in Pulilab. "We had a great time, got to talk to a bunch of talented people, learned a lot, and it seemed there were appreciation for our concept, and interest in our company."/Torben